Our Story

Joseph & Co. serves anyone who comes to us that is in a natural disaster situation from orphans, widows, the poor and oppressed, homeless, single moms to those that have no defender. We also reach out to first responders, on many levels, and have provided disaster response, relief, and recovery for the last three years of the northern California disasters.

Services provided:
- Goods
- Food
- Case management for other needs
- Disaster response, relief, and recovery

We are a NorCal VOAD (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster. Please call or email us so that we can conduct a needs-based assessment. Services this program provides:

  • disaster response
  • meals
  • home goods
  • case management
  • one-on-one support
  • disaster preparedness
Populations this program serves:
  • all ages
  • individuals
  • families
  • natural disaster survivors
  • emergency

Call 530-363-5752 to get more info.